The following smokes are the "Extreme Legal Bud Blends" in the New Generation of Legal Smoke. High Class Smokes for Refined Bud Tokers and Smokers. For bud smokers looking for something different from their smoking experience, we offer a wide range of legal buds smoke products for the widest range of experience and taste. The most Superb Potent Legal Smoke that are a pleasure to experience. High Class Smokes for the Refined Legal Bud Tokers.

FUSION LEGAL BUD - "the path to binding multidimensional experiences"

Smoke Shop Blend - Fusion Legal Bud

It is equivalent to "Spice Gold or Spice Diamond, K2 and other Infamous blends" in strength and effectiveness only smoother. It is made in the U.S. and does NOT contain chemicals of any kind like JWH. Fusion takes you where no other legal herbal smoke can or does. It is an extremely strong smoking blend. Many customers report enjoying Fusion up to 4+ hours and have compared it with other "familiar herbs" It will not disappoint you! We must warn you - It is absolutely intense and clearly a cut above anything ever offered. According to countless satisfied repeat customers it is the strongest legal herbal smoke they have ever experienced.


HEAT LEGAL BUD - "it's like herbal smoke on steroids"

Heat Legal Bud

One of a rare handful of effective TRIPLE POTENT "Extreme" herbal blends available on the market and the leading smoke for discerning customers worldwide. Heat is 100% natural no chemicals or additives of any kind. One hit and you will totally understand why the name is what it is! This is no common smoke, it is absolutely amazing and is COMPARABLE TO SPICE GOLD, SPICE DIAMOND OR K2. Heat is surprisingly effective and a perfect example of superior quality, precision blending. Comes in a high quality re-sealable pouch to guarantee freshness. WE HAVE TO WARN YOU: HEAT is MEGA powerful, Ultra intense and known for its lengthy effects. As a matter of fact we know if you try this you will never question the validity of herbal smoke again! Legal High Potent Smoke Alternative. Highly Potent HEAT - "IT'S LIKE LEGAL SMOKE ON STEROIDS"


LIGHTNING LEGAL BUD - "it hits you like a bolt"

Lightning Legal Bud

Hands-down, one of the finest most ultra potent super impressive extreme blends. Our customers keep raving about it and we get a huge amount of repeat business on. An extremely powerful high-end smoke that is down right intoxicating. This blend is one that is not tame and is not recommended for the first time smoker. Lightning will woo even the toughest of critics. It produces the highest quality effects that are very long lasting. A real gem with a perfect blend of effects. With emphasis on being MEGA powerful. Comparable to K2, Spice Gold and other high end legal buds.


MAGMA LEGAL BUD - "let the lava flow and flow"

Smoke Shop Blend - Magma Legal Bud

Another grand addition to the new extreme generation of legal bud smoking blends is Magma Legal Bud. The smoke shop blend that you must try to believe. No description gives it justice of it's high quality. We know MAGMA Legal Bud will end up being the number one selling blend in a matter of a short amount of time! This bud blends have a long standing reputation as being among the most potent and satisfying on the market. Super charged and nothing like anything you'' ever experienced before in a legal bud smoke. This smoke blend is not typical, it is absolutely potent and extremely exhilarating. According to countless satisfied repeat customers this bud blend rivals the best of legal buds and is a complex, delightfully pleasing smoke shop bud.


DELIVERANCE LEGAL BUDS - "absolutely stimulating smoke bud"

Deliverance Legal Buds Smoke

Smoke it while the smoking good with Deliverance Legal Bud. No hit or miss with this smoke blend,  it's satisfying favorable atmosphere last a long time.  A potent legal bud that has the qualities of other high-end smokes and an affordable price to boot. It is the truly unique smoking experience that's exceptionally potent. This month's Smoke Shop Extremely Reduce Price Deal, get it while last! Composed of 100% exotic herbs and botanicals, Deliverance is Positively Effective, Exceptional High Quality and Long Lasting.


HIGH OCTANE BUDS - "next generation extreme herbal blend"

High Octane Legal Bud Smoking Blend

High Octane + is truly an impressive, pleasurable smoke. It is substantially potent made from a unique blend of rare botanicals and extracts, this 100% legal blend is uplifting, yet soothing and satisfying. Highly recommended! High Octane + is without exception an amazing herbal smoke with incredible effects lasting for 3-4 hours. It is more potent than most all natural herbal smoking blends. You will definitely be a repeat customer on this blend! This is an extreme enhanced herbal smoke. Infused with 100% natural herbal extracts. Although it may seem that this blend contains some sort of artificial, additive, we guarantee it doesn't! It is the concentrated herbal extracts we use in this blend that gives it the powerful FX's and "boost" behind it.



RedRoot Legal Bud Smoke

RedRoot Limited Edition is an ultra powerful Extreme Legal Bud Blend that is highly enjoyable. Potent results that lasts for hours and hours. Definitely a amusing blend that is a creeper. Totally new levels of smoking appreciation. By far one of the most powerful high caliber intoxicating blends out there. This legal bud is truly an outstanding alternative smoke that satisfies your senses. RedRoot Delivers! It won't disappoint you with it's heady characteristics and aroma. Extremely Potent Head Shop Blend that's a knock-out! RedRoot Extreme Blend is not recommended for first time tokers. After a few hits you'll be saying, where have you been all my life!


HARD CORE LEGAL BUD - "experienced smokers need only apply"

Smoke Shop Blend - Hard Core Legal Bud

This is for the experienced Legal Bud Smokers Only. The smoker who demands much, much more from their smoke shop blend. Hard Core is another high quality legal bud botanical. This legal bud blend is not at all for the weak. It is as it's name implies Hard Core and it is! To say this blend is super charged is an understatement. We guarantee it is nothing like you've ever experienced before. For those seeking the highest of expectations and satisfying taste that will never let you down. It is by far as "Hard Core" as it gets yet is a 100% legal bud smoking blend that keeps will have you coming.


ULTRA CHRONIC LEGAL BUD - "satisfying and definitely beyond compare"

Legal Bud Smoke Shop Blend - Ultra Chronic Legal Bud

Ultra Chronic is a 100% legal bud smoke that really does go outside the usual limits of most legal bud on the market. It is excellent, it is hard hitting, intriguing and extremely strong satisfying smoke that is definitely beyond compare. It just screams " light up and enjoy" If you want a legal buds that will satisfy for hours. Ultra Chronic is the legal bud smoke for the refined smoker seeking a out of the ordinary smoke shop blend. Absolutely a delightful legal bud that is very high quality!


UTOPIA EXTREME LEGAL BLEND - "an explosive extreme blend"

Utopia Legal Bud

Utopia is one of the "Extreme" Master Blends offered on our site. It is 100% legal Super potent herbal smoke that really does go outside the usual limits of most herbal smokes on the market. It is excellent. it is hard hitting, trippy and extremely strong, satisfying and definitely beyond compare. It just screams: "enjoy me!"  If you want a smoke that will last for hours then " Utopia" is the smoke for you. Absolutely a 100% LEGAL delightful herbal smoke that is VERY HIGH quality! The FX are KILLER! And very quick. Very Intense feeling so make sure you can handle it! Utopia is an exceptionally strong exotic herbal smoke, yet is smooth, satisfying, and enjoyable. It didn't take our customers long to recognize Utopia as an outstanding product that delivers the finest smoke nature can produce.


SPICE GOLD LEGAL BUD - "put a little more spice back in your life"

Smoke Shop Blend - Spice Gold Legal Bud

This is without exception, one of  the strongest, legal bud on earth. The makers of Spice created a even better more potent and fulfilling formula, Spice Gold. This exotic legal bud blend really works! Spice Gold packs are packaged in a high quality re-sealable pouch to ensure freshness.  The aroma of Spice Gold provides an uplifting feeling, stimulating yet soothing, surprisingly effective. The plants contained in Spice Gold have been used ritually by ancient cultures throughout the world. Spice Gold releases a pleasing aroma that is acceptable anywhere, anytime. This blend is not your typical legal bud smoke shop blend. It is absolutely intoxicating flavor and extremely potent.

Sorry, we have decided to stop selling Spice products. since we only carry USA Legal Smoke, we stopped offering it to protect our customers, until further notice.



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